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About the BFA

The BFA actively works to influence standards development, represent your views at government level, and support the growth of the Australian organic market. It provides assistance in market intelligence, exporting requirements, and development of contacts and networks.

The BFA continues to increase consumer awareness of organic food and supports growth of local food economies. As the market develops further, we will remain active in lobbying for support for organic producers and in maintaining high standards across Australia.

The BFA operates for the benefit of its members, as a not-for-profit organisation.

Our Mission - Harmonious Diversity

BFA is the pre-eminent organisation for the organic industry and movement on matters relating to education, trade, promotion and advocacy.

Leading by example, the BFA will deliver invaluable services and support for members which assists in the development and prosperity of the industry and the progressing of the ideals of the organic movement.

Our Vision

A diverse and flourishing organic industry which is profitably and sustainably meeting the needs of a growing base of well-informed consumers demanding certified organic foods and fibres.

BFA Chairman Doug Haas reports on the rise and rise of the BFA 

The BFA was a major force in ensuring that organic standards in Australia remained in the hands of farmers and those in the organic community who had and have a real stake in the production and marketing of organic foods and fibres.

Initially formed to progress the interests of farmers and processors who wished to promote and protect the message of organics, including the setting of organic standards, the BFA moved on to develop its certification program to independently verify that farmers and processors were producing in accord with those standards.

The BFA has both biodynamic (a specific form of organic production) and organic farmers and hence the name biological farmers was defined to promote a simple message that such farmers were using natural methods, not synthetic or unnatural methods to produce their foods for consumers.

The BFA was registered as a co-operative in 1988, following some key community and industry meetings across the country, and has moved office headquarters a number of times over the past 15 years, having been based in Toowoomba for some 7 years to 2003.